Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Soon . . .

Munchy Mondays and Fridge-worthy Fridays

That's right, I'm getting myself ready for a new, more structured schedule this fall. On Mondays I will attempt to involve the girls in making some food item in the kitchen. Nothing elaborate, just a chance to participate in making a snack , lunch or dinner. Fridays will be our art project day. I am very excited about this. This Friday we will be doing a bubble paint activity. Watch for pictures coming soon!

We have also begun our journey through the alphabet. Sarala knows all of her letters and almost all of the sounds, but I figure that it won't hurt to continue to review these with some typical preschool/kindergarten type activities. Today we cut out objects that began with the short a sound and put them on a big letter A. I plan on making an alligator out of the letter A later this week. I found as we did this activity this morning that there were some things that Sarala didn't know the name of that started with A- like Asparagus and Almonds. Maybe we can have those as a snack this week, although I doubt that she will eat them.

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