Monday, August 25, 2008


I have tried to use my craftiness a little this summer, which has led to the following dresses being made for my little ones. Both were ideas from other dresses that I have seen, but made without a pattern or great direction. They were experimental, but the finished products were really cute. There is such a sense of accomplishment when a project is successful.
Here are two of the 5 quilts that I have made. I don't seem to have a picture of either of the ones I designed or made for my girls. The top one is a ladybug I spy quilt, made for my cousins baby girl, Cassandra.
This one, which I would have loved to have kept, was made for another cousins baby boy, Levi. I had so much fin picking fabrics, designing and making both of these quilts. And, I really do love giving them away! My hubby helped design this one.

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Rebecca said...

i am so impressed! good job...i hope that this baby will be inspiring in the area of sewing :-) i have already found websites with cool fabrics for curtains and such...can't wait to see you 4!