Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Catch Up!

We have been very busy over the past week, continuing to celebrate the big 3 birthday. Sarala had her first friend birthday party on Saturday (yes, that makes 4 parties). It was "Pinkalicious"! Complete with a reading of the book, making of crowns, pink cupcakes, and tropical storm Gustov. It was a very nasty day, perfect for the reading a Pinkalicious.
Thursday Sarala helped me bake the cake which would be transformed into the cupcake lollipops for the party! They turned out so cute. I am already planning on making more soon. Everyone really enjoyed them.
Here are the girls as we set off for a "bike ride". Sarala rode and Kaelyn walked around our city block 2 times. Wow, she finally has the pedaling thing down. She was so proud of herself. That may also be the furthest that Kaelyn has ever walked.

Labor Day weekend we were at my parents' house in F'burg. We had Sarala's 3rd birthday party. We all enjoyed just being.

We made a journey to Carl's, which was packed! Great Grandma treated, and mommies cousins Chritine, Shannon and Rachel joined us.

We also spent a lot of time by the pool. Sarala has completely changed her pool attitude this year. At the beginning of the summer she would not touch the water. We tortured her and made her get in. Now, she "swims" all over by herself (with the help of her life jacket, which stays on all the time.)

I made the girls tutus. They were so easy and fun to make. And don't they look cute!

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