Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Fridge-worthy Friday!

Yep, we have actually done an art project this morning! I thought, in honor of all the kiddies going back to school, we would do an old fashioned apple print. We talked about the color of apples and then I helped Sarala get paint on the apples and make the prints. It didn't last very long, but I still think it is Fridge-worthy! Thought: how many fridges am I going to need to hold all of this art????


Rebecca said...

very nice! it's like you are having homeschool preschool! i love fall children's artwork:-)

April said...

Since all of my friends' kids started preschool, I have jokingly said that I am home preschooling. I guess that is kind of what it is like being home with kids. We have lots of play time and a little structured time. I've got some cute craft ideas coming up. I guess if I end up actually home schooling I'll have to think really hard to not repeat projects.