Monday, September 29, 2008

Making Daddy's Favorite

It's Munchy Monday! Mondays seem to be a little stressful come dinner time. I have to be out the door by 5:15 at the latest to get to tutoring on time. So, I decided that this weeks Munchy Monday would be a crock pot soup! Daddy's favorite . . . White Chicken Chili! Yummy!

Princess Sarala (yes, she is in dress up clothes) helped to put a lot of the ingredients in the pot. Hopefully she will remember this when it is time to eat and actually taste it. She can be so picky.

I hope Kyle enjoys it. Brings back memories of BYOB in Beaver, PA.


Rebecca said...

i was never even at your BYOB parties, but i do remember scott raving about them everytime. and actually this was the soup that was his favorite!

Scott Pearce said...

Those BYOBowl parties are still among some of my dearest memories--not just of college life, but of my entire young adulthood. Your collective gift for hospitality and generosity was on display and could not have been more manifest than at those parties.

And the soups and salsas were actually something to write home about!