Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday at Maymont

After finally getting ready for the day we headed to Maymont for a short trip before lunch. We visited all of our animal friends, including the bears. The new Bald Eagle exhibit has opened. It is much more impressive than I had imagined it would be.

The eagle put on a show and waddled (it had obviously been injured) across it's habitat.

Sarala was able to compare her "wing-span" to that of an eagle. (The eagle's wing span is cut off in the picture the darker color is the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk (I think).

Both girls sat in the eagle's nest bench.
I just finished making this pumpkin shirt for Kaelyn. It tuned out okay. If I made the stitch any closer together the fabric wouldn't move through and the thread kept breaking because of the stickiness on the needle. Good first attempt.


Rebecca said...

what is the pumpkin that you sewed (?) onto the shirt. you did sew it right? i like it! good job

eml said...

I really like the shirt! It's much cuter than a plain ole store bought shirt. Did you make the pumpkins, too?

April said...

I cut it out of some fabric scraps that I had and sewed it on. Not too hard.