Monday, September 22, 2008

Red + Yellow = YUM!!!

It's Munchy Monday, and we included a little art lesson since we didn't have a Fridge-worthy Friday!

Today Sarala experimented with color combinations and learned that when two primary colors combine they make a new color!
Sarala and Kaelyn both enjoyed eating the experiment. The stirrers are breadsticks and the colors are icing- Yummy!

This piece of art is a couple of weeks old, but I don't think that we shared it. Sarala used okra, pinecones, and pineneedles to make it. Kaelyn also helped a bit. It is really neat looking and has been shown off in our kitchen eating area since being made.

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Rebecca said...

that's good, incorporating food and paintings for a "fridge-worthy munchy monday!" you certainly are creative April :-) send our love to Kyle.