Friday, October 17, 2008

Domestic Goddess??

Hmm, doesn't the title say it all. I guess it doesn't say that I am referring to myself. I can brag a little every once in a while, right? If I were to describe myself today I would say I was a sewing, cleaning, cooking momma.

Wow, just this morning I have set out dinner, finished washing diapers, cleaned part of mine and Kaelyn's room, put away clean clothes, unpacked from last weekend (finally), completed a short art activity with the girls, fixed lunch, started more laundry, changed Sarala's bed, and made an apple crisp (I wish you could smell my house right now!) And the best part is I have already showered and fixed my hair. Now, who is going to argue that I am a "domestic goddess"?

I have actually been pretty productive this week. I finished 11 banners for Kelly and I even had time to start some sewing projects of my own. I am working on a card table tent for Christmas presents and that project is turning out better than I expected. I also made a mei tai yesterday (it's a type of baby carrier).

It is cute, but I may have to alter it to make it fit right. Kaelyn did not enjoy me trying to wear her in it. I have been gathering supplies for upcoming projects. Here's a list of what you will hopefully be seeing from me in the near future:

Table Tent
Oilcloth Lunch bag
Art Bags
Chalkboard Placemats

Enough bragging for now. I hope that you are feeling productive today!

One last picture- I harvested what will probably be the last of the peppers from our "garden". There were tons, I haven't been able to use them fast enough. They are now in the freezer waiting to make some yummy salsa or guacamole! That is also my first radish, which wasn't quite ready to be harvested. It was potent.

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