Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween fun at Cartwheels and Coffee

The girls and I visited Cartwheels and Coffee this morning for some great play time. Sarala dressed up as a ballerina (with her hair up like Cinderella, her specifications) and Kaelyn wore her lion costume. Since they were dressed up they played for half price, and I got to relax, and the house didn't get trashed. I actually was able to sit and look at a magazine. At one point Sarala locked herself in the bathroom. I stayed very clam and tried to tell her how to unlock the door, but she got hysterical. I think it was more because she really needed to pee and couldn't get her leotard down without help. A nice gentleman unlocked the door with a coin before I could get a coin and unlock it myself. Thank goodness for nice people!

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