Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a BOY!

Just a few weeks ago I told a friend that I was giving up on ever having a boy and resigning to having all girls --it wouldn't be that bad. After that, I had three very vivid dreams that this baby was a boy, parts and all in 2 of them.

Tuesday morning we went for our 20 week ultrasound and got to see the baby live on screen. He was face down, transverse. He wasn't terribly cooperative with the ultrasound tech and wouldn't move to a better position so that she could get a good picture of the heart. I always think it is cool to feel movements at the same time that you see this tiny person moving on the screen. The tech spent a lot of time telling us what we were seeing, but amazingly, I already knew what we were looking at most of the time. One of the neatest things to see was the baby opening and closing his mouth. Wow, and all of that is going on inside of me! The baby measures 4-7 days big and weighed in at 13 oz.

I have to go back next Wed. for a follow up ultrasound to get a good picture of the heart. The girls are going with me this time since it is should be quick. I have already told Sarala that she will get to see the baby inside of me, just like an x-ray. She quickly compared it to Curious George and the puzzle piece, so cute and so right!

I don't have any of the ultrasound pics scanned in, but I will try to do that before long.

Task 1: I promised Sarala I would take her out to get an outfit for her sibling when we found out what we were having. Really, this was an excuse for me to go shopping and pick up some items that I had been watching at Gymboree. I wasn't very disciplined and spent $50. I did get 7 full outfits, a pair of shoes, 2 bibs, and a hat. All really cute! Sarala also picked out a cheap outfit at Old Navy. It has a cute lion on it.

So, finding out that we are going to have a boy sent me into a frenzy of cleaning out girls stuff. Maybe I am actually nesting now. I had actually lost track of how many clothes we were storing. Kaelyn will be 2 next month and we have 5 large Rubbermaid containers overflowing with clothes that are too small for her.

Task 2: get rid of some clothes: accomplished. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon sorting clothes. I have it down to 3 boxes, with a little space to spare. I may try to get rid of even more, but I want to keep the good stuff just in case our 4th is a girl. This also gave me the opportunity to finish the switch to summer clothes and reorganize fall clothes for all 3 kiddos. I now have 3 large bags and 6 mid sized bags going out, and 1 large bag going to my nieces.

Task 3: The nursery: hopefully it will be done before the baby comes. One really great thing about having a boy is that I already have the quilt made, and I have picked up a few things over the last few years to accompany it. I love this quilt! It was my first good project that I ever finished. I really need to re-do the bias tape. I have learned so much about sewing since then! I think that I am going to paint the wall that the crib goes against blue and the other three walls yellow. My mom already has the paint, so this should be a very inexpensive nursery for us, yippee!

So much more to do. Hopefully the next few months will fly by and I will be able to keep the level of energy that I have had the last 2 days!

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Rebecca said...

boys are so cute...i'm so excited for you :-)