Monday, May 4, 2009

Too early to nest

Well, although it is too be nesting, I have been trying to get my house in order. During March I stepped back from both of my part time jobs. The very sweet girls that I had been tutoring for over a year moved to NY, and sewing had become too much to keep up with. I thought that I was past the sleepy part of my pregnancy and then it hit me hard again (the doc thinks it was low blood pressure and should work itself out quickly.) Anyway, these changes allowed me to have some extra time to work around the house, which had completely gotten out of hand.

The first project that I tackled was my basement. I wish that I had a before and after. I hate folding laundry, so I started with probably 10 loads of folding. Next I purged toys that were just taking up space, and reorganized the remaining ones. There is still quite a bit of work to be done in my craft area, but it is once again playable! I am looking forward to some hot days spent in the cool of the basement. Too bad I didn't take pictures. Even though I completed that project 3 or so weeks ago, I haven't let the laundry pile up more that 2 or 3 loads (much more manageable).

Every one is having yard sales. My parents wanted donations for their Haiti yard sale so I sent a bunch of stuff with them, including the toys. I try to keep a box going at all times to go to the free market, or goodwill.

Okay, some other projects:

-Kyle helped me go through the kitchen cabinets. We cleared out over 25 things that weren't being used!

-Today I reorganized the pantry, hopefully this will help me use some of the extras, and not to buy wastefully. There are 6 containers of Great white northern beans and I only have one recipe that uses them (white chicken chili-yumm!)

-I have been through both of the girls clothes and taken out winter stuff. I still need to put out the summer, but I have time for that.

-I have been busy planning the merge of Sarala and Kaelyn's room, including drawing the layout and figuring out what to keep and get rid of. We are going to be getting rid of all of Sarala's furniture (keeping her mattress.) Then we will get a twin bed frame for her, and move the dresser from our room into the girls' room. We are going to use a toddler bed for Kaelyn for a while. Having another baby has made it more apparent that we are groing to grow out of this house. We have also been picking colors and theme for the rooms. PINK and ladybugs

-I put away the huge mess on my dining room table, which had become Modern June central (my sewing area). And, I have kept most of the mess off of it.

-I have worked hard to keep the main floor neat and I think that I am doing a pretty good job.

-I planted my garden! I ahev more to go in, but I need it to stop raining.

I am sure that there are more, but I am sure if you have gotten this far you are very bored.

A friend on facebook posted pictures of an Ebay addicts house. It made me want to get rid of even more!

I do have plenty of projects coming up including painting my room, a spot in the dining room, and both kid rooms, plus touch up in the bathroom and kitchen. Also moving the girls and continuing to clear clutter! I love having a presentable home. There is so much less stress. So, here;s to Spring Cleaning!

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Scott Pearce said...

You can save those cans of beans for when we come down to visit. I think the only thing that could give me a distaste for your white chicken chili would be if we had it every night for a week. Even then, I'd still likely be craving it by month's end.