Monday, November 22, 2010

A New "Pooh"- Hevea Pacifier

Oh the "pooh". My middle daughter did not go anywhere without her pacifier, aka "pooh". Much to my demise it was a part of every day until just after her third birthday when she decided that she wanted some bribe that I was offering to her for giving it up.

If your baby is as attached to his or her pacifier as my middle child was than you know the importance of having a pacifier that not only the child likes, but that you can stand too. I could not stand the pacifiers that had parts that moved. They tended to click every time the child sucked on it. Try sleeping next to that. And then there are the fears. Will it cause tooth damage? Will they take this to kindergarten with them (sometimes I wondered)? Will the nipple break away from the base?

Intro- The New Hevea Pacifier

New options don't always provide a better product. My kids never took to those hard one piece ones that the hospital gave out. They have a really round shape-- not natural. Hevea is a new product that I was able to review. It seems great. It is all one piece made of 100% natural rubber. It has a loop that any pacifier clip can easily attach to. Yes, I find not losing the loved "pooh" to be very important! It is also very soft and seems like a much more pleasant thing to suck on. There are little cutouts on the pacifier, the one I reviewed had little crowns, very cute. Since they are natural, they are a honey colored product, very gender neutral.

No my youngest is not a huge pacifier user. I gave this to him and he played with it for quite a while, it kind of just hung in his mouth. He seemed very proud of himself. I did not have the proper size for him as I was sent a 0-3 month to review, and he is over a year. My daughter who was a big pacifier user loved giving it back to him every time he dropped it.

This is definitely a product that I will use with any future children. It is worth seeking out and trying! Check them out on their website, or on facebook!

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Shannon Reed said...

Love hevea pacifiers - my little one won't use any other kind! Great post=)