Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Not So Dreaded Christmas Card

So, the time has come to start at least thinking about Christmas cards. I really don't like addressing envelopes or writing a letter, but there is one part of the experience that I love: designing a personal card. Even though I like this part of the task I do apologize for the years when it hasn't happened, or cards haven't been sent at all.

As fall approached I began planning the perfect family picture. Well, kids don't really cooperate with pictures a lot of times, so I ended up with some okay ones, but I am leaning towards using a picture of each of the kids since I have some great individual shots.

If you've been to my house then you know that I use shutterfly for all of my scrapbooking needs. Yes, I have shelves of pretty paper and embellishments in my craft area, but shutterfly makes the experience so quick and rewarding. We decided a couple of years ago that we would make an 8 by 8 book for each year for each child, and I have all but my 13 month old's books finished. I don't have to drag out all the supplies, or clean up any scraps of paper and they are so professional looking. You can check out their photo books here:

If you've received our baby announcements (I don't think Ryland had one) then those were also from shutterfly. Check out the baby announcements here:

So back to the Christmas Card. This year I plan on using shutterfly again. The awesome thing is that they love that I love them so much that they are offering bloggers free Christmas cards! I'm off to pick my favorite!

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