Monday, February 6, 2012

Please Excuse the Mess: Painting

I made a to-do list last week. Every single room has painting that needs to be done in it, yuck! Today, I decided to start working on painting the basement. Check the post below for before pictures (when everything was fairly organized and put away). Anytime I craft or do a house project I make a huge mess as you can see. I need one of those signs they post at the grocery store when they are renovating (and moving every isle around every time you go- Love you Kroger).

I chose to use a color called "Banana Cream." It is slightly yellow. It is the same color that my mom used in her basement. It should go great with the gray and yellow pillows and ottoman that I made last week. You will also see in the pictures that I decided to paint the column that is in the middle of the room. I think it looks so much better painted the same color as the walls!

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